New Website Launch


Over the last month, our in house development team have been working on bringing a new look to our homepage and we are now proud to say, we have officially launched our brand new website! We decided to reinvent our site to bring a more modern and sleek look to it! Our team have been working tirelessly to get our new site up and running and we are now happy to say... "We have lift off" 🚀

When we took on this challenge of building our new website, we had a choice to use a CMS platform such as Wix, WordPress and more but we thought that would be too easy! We decided to reach for the stars and develop it using HTML, CSS,  Bootstrap and more. So, yes! We really did put the work into it! Here at Careberry, we believe that our all-in-one platform should be representative by a simple and easy to use front page.

It has been tough! We wanted to bring a homepage that is eye catching, modern and not too clogged up with information that makes you want to click off. So, we took our time in ironing out each and every section of our site to make it responsive, fast and easy to use for the user. We took several rounds off feedback on board and kept on developing day in and day our and we are so proud of how it has turned out!

Why not have a look?! Check out all our new pages! We hope you like it! 😁