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Stop hand-writing rotas! Start using our Rostering Feature. It's Your Roster, Your Way!

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Care Monitoring

Use our live care monitoring feature to help you keep up-to-date with your clients' visits.

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Care Planning

Use our Care Planning feature to help you plan your care and keep track of your clients' visits.

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Transforming the way you recruit, designed to streamline your recruiting process!

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Care Management YOUR Way!

Everything you need to run a thriving Care Business is at your fingertips when using Careberry. Tailor Careberry to suit the needs of your business, with ease. Stay in the loop and receive real-time updates whether you are a care business owner, a care manager, or a care coordinator!

Never miss anything, whether it is service reports, medication, or recruitment and retention to turnover and business development! Review and action items as needed or assign another member of the team to complete various tasks!

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About Us

Why Choose Us

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Different From Others?

Careberry stands out from other care management platforms by providing a comprehensive and customizable solution for running a successful care business. With real-time updates and notifications, Careberry ensures that care business owners, managers, and coordinators stay informed and never miss important information.

Our platform covers essential functions such as service reports, medication management, recruitment, and business development, allowing users to efficiently review and take action on tasks.

No Contract

Customer satisfaction is something we are obsessed with. Careberry can be used without any ties attached.


Imagine the benefits of having Rostering, Care Planning, Recruitment, Invoicing, Medication Management, e-MAR, and so much more, all in one place on a daily basis!

Free Training & Support

Support for your managers is unrestricted. We want you to get the most out of Careberry, so our helpful staff are always available!

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About Us

Built by a Care Provider
For Care Providers

Careberry was developed by a team of experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the care industry. Their expertise has allowed them to gain valuable insights into the specific requirements of care providers. To ensure that Careberry meets the highest standards, it has undergone continuous improvement based on the feedback and suggestions of over 60 carers and care managers who use the platform on a daily basis.
This iterative process has enabled Careberry to evolve and enhance its features, making it a highly refined and effective tool for care providers.

Clients Feedback

People love using Careberry!

Here's what our clients are saying about Careberry

Leslie Alexander

Emma Crook

Admin / Carer

As someone who has never used a software remotely similar to this, I can say with great ease that this application is a breeze to use. Everything you need for your day of assisting others right in the palm of your hands.
Arlene McCoy

Sanj Chowdhri

Managing Director

Careberry is the most comprehensive care management platform that I've come across! Careberry is already the best system out there, and I can only see it getting better!
Marvin McKinney

Callea Sunderland

Care Coordinator

Everything I need to carry out my job efficiently is in one place! I can access everything I need to, no matter where I am. Careberry is on both my phones and laptop and all of which I can access with a tap of a button!
Devon Lane

Georgia Discombe

Care Assistant

Brilliant. This app helps me on a daily basis with keeping organised and up to date with all my care needs for clients and is so easy to use and very helpful.

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